Thule Gulf of Bothnia
Thule Gulf of Bothnia
Thule Gulf of Bothnia

Thule Gulf of Bothnia

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Digital Inkjet Print on Paper

Unframed Dimensions 14″ x 11″

Framed Dimensions 20” x 16

"As a photographer on cargo ships, charged with the task of photographing life at sea in the 21st century, I was fascinated by the tension between the majesty of the Ocean and the severity of the industrialized monotony onboard. The romantic narrative of the sailor at sea is barely visible because these ships are as vast as they are scarcely manned. ⁠

In my drawing practice I am preoccupied with that uncharted space which seems to exist between what we see and what we know on the page and in the world by the subtle ways our literal and figurative position to something can determine how we perceive and engage with it.⁠

Even though the maritime industry employs 1.5 million seafarers it is largely invisible because the ships are barely at port and these ports are now outside of cities. Yet these behemoths and their crews move 90 percent of the goods we buy every day. ⁠

The photos in this exhibition were created as part of a project called Majestic Monotony (in collaboration with Tasha Doremus) that explored life at Sea in the Northern Oceans. The project was made possible with the assistance of the RaumArs Artist Residency and the Rauma Maritime Museum in Rauma Finland."⁠

-Sebastien Leclercq

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