Marisa Keris, Zinnias

Marisa Keris, Zinnias

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Oil painting on canvas

16" x 18"

"My work explores the strained connection between humanity and loss of nature. Gardening and cultivating spaces like parks and managed woodlands offer refuge to find oneself in nature and the opportunity to reconnect with ourselves. I began farming flowers sustainably as part of my artistic practice, to immerse myself in the seasons and address a responsibility to repair the earth through this work. My paintings of flowers, weeds, and plants composed as entangled masses are an attempt to memorialize nature. I paint layers of foliage in and out of focus, creating forms that become a camouflaged surface of textures and brushstrokes. I am mourning the loss and separation from nature by recreating moments I experienced with the natural environment, through memories or drawings or photographs."

- Marisa Keris

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