Heather McMordie

"I use printmaking and puzzles as parallel avenues for exploring the complexities of soil systems.

My work is informed by on-site research experiences conducted on my own and in the company of scientists. Colors, forms, and patterns are informed by field observations. Certain aspects of on-site experience and specific soil processes such as bioturbation or leaf litter decomposition are reflected in the format and puzzle-like nature of the works. Sound elements, physical texture, and mobile elements compliment the visual nature of my prints and provide additional, sensory points of entry into the otherwise obscure world beneath our feet. The resulting prints, installations, textiles, and book works incite a reconsideration of the role of  soils in our ecosystem and the ways in which we engage with soils. With each piece, I invite the viewer into the act of puzzling through patterns found above and below ground. Pick up puzzle pieces. Turn over new leaves. Stoop down, look closely, and explore."